DNS Forwarding / Pointing

Many registrars now have features where you as the domain owner will be able to point your domain name. However, they also require that you provide them with an IP address to do so. If you use the IP address of the server that was provided to you when you signed up it will not work.


Instead, you should do the following;


(1). Point your domain name to the following name servers: ns1.revolutionwebsolutions.com and ns2.revolutionwebsolutions.com

(2). Once you have completed this, you can login to your hosting account.

(3). Please go to either “Add-on Domains” if you wish to add a domain onto your account, or alternatively “Parked Domains” to point your domain.

(4). From one of the above options, whichever you choose. You will be able to either point your domain name or add an extra domain to your hosting account.


In every situation, there are different options. However, we always highly recommend that you actually modify your ‘Nameserver’ information of your domain to use Revolution Web Solutions' nameservers.

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