I would like to host a forum, can you suggest any good places I can start looking for some software?

There are many places to get forums (bulletin boards). However, below we have composed a list of some of the best ones on the market (Including Free ones…) we highly suggest that you take a look at the below forums options:

  • Vbulletin – This is the most famous forum on the internet, almost 1 in every 10 users use it. It’s a very simple to navigate and allows the user(s) to find what they need when they need it. Please note that this software also costs $149 for the software license. However, you can get a trial (demo) version at the following url:

  • PHPBB – is one of the most commonly used open source forums. It’s usage on the internet has allowed the name to grow in the industry and prevail as the leading free forum. You can view more about this forum by visiting the following site:


  • Invision Board – Is another famous forum software that has been around on the industry. Invision has made this software somewhat unique in the way that it’s laid out. This is one for more of an advanced user, that knows more about administration of a forum and has time to spend learning new features. You can find a demo of the software, using the link below:


There are also many skin companies (designers) that can provide you with a custom skin for any of the forums (bulletin boards) above. Please view some of the designers below:

  • Eye Storm Studio - One of the more respected designers (David) provides excellent designing skills combined with communications and provides the you with more then you asked for.

  • ForumThemes – This is an excellent company to work with. They provide you with custom themes and once completed with all the source files you need to make an adjustment should it need to be done. We highly suggest you choose this company if your looking to make a custom theme. They make designs for PHPBB, Invision Board, and Vbulletin, so no matter your choice, they have you covered.

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