Spam Assassin / Spam Box ? Anti Spam

By default accounts don’t have Spam Assassin or Spam Box enabled. This is due to not knowing your preferences. In the following tutorials (steps), we will be glad to explain how to enable both of these programs. Please find the necessary information below:

  1. Login to your Cpanel Account
  2. Choose “Mail”
  3. Choose “Spam Assassin” third from the bottom
  4. Click “Enable Spam Assassin”, now the feature will start working

Please note that you can follow the same above instructions to start Spam Box.


Please be aware that if you don’t regularly check the Spam Box / Spam Assassin folder it will quickly fill up using the disk space left on your account. You can quickly run out of disk space.




More information can be found on the following Spam Assassin website.

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